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How to Publish Open Access with ACS

ACS Publications strongly supports the open access movement. Whether you simply believe in the tenets of open access or are required to meet certain publishing criteria mandated by your institutions or funders, we are committed to providing you with the means to publish your work under an OA license.

What are the Two Standard Types of Open Access?

As a researcher who is subject to policies and mandates of both funding bodies and institutions, you have more than one way to ensure your article published in an ACS journal is open and free to access by colleagues, researchers and scientists worldwide.

Green Open Access

Under green open access, once an article is published in a journal, the author can self-archive the accepted manuscript on an institutional repository, funder repository, or personal website. The accepted manuscript is open access, typically after an embargo period.

Gold Open Access

Under gold open access, the author or funder pays a fee to make the final published article freely and immediately available. You can either submit your research to one of our fully open access journals, or you can choose to make your accepted article published to any of our other 60+ hybrid open access journals.

How to publish your article open access

There are two main routes to publishing your article open access with ACS Publications, these are:

Publishing Open Access Under a Read + Publish Agreement 

Publishing Open Access via Author Funding (ACS AuthorChoice)

How Can I Make an Existing ACS Article Open Access?

Purchase Open Access via ACS AuthorChoice

ACS Publishes 12 Fully Open Access Journals and 60+ Hybrid Journals

While the majority of ACS’s 70+ journals are hybrid—subscription journals that also facilitate the publication of open access articles via an article publishing charge—ACS publishes 12 fully open access journals.
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