BUAP leads new ACS read and publish agreements in Mexico

Published May 5, 2023

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) and Universidad de Sonora are the first institutions in Mexico to sign a transformative ‘read and publish’ agreement with ACS. As a result of this agreement, BUAP and UdS’s faculty and students have full access to ACS publications and can choose to publish their research as open access in any of ACS’ 80+ journals.

“Increasing the visibility of BUAP researchers and scientific production in internationally prestigious journals can have many benefits for the institution and its members”, said Prof. Ana Jacqueline Valerio Venegas, Process Monitoring Manager at the BUAP Central Library. “Our research results can reach a wider audience, which could increase their impact and dissemination. This could open up new opportunities for the institution and its researchers, and could contribute significantly to BUAP’s intellectual development and growth”

“We are excited to be working with BUAP and Universidad de Sonora as our first transformative agreements in Mexico”, said Franklin Moreno, Latin America Market & Business Development Manager at ACS Publications. “There is a long tradition of open access in Latin America, and agreements such as these help combine that ethos with the ability to disseminate cutting-edge research in many of the world’s top chemistry journals published by ACS.”

This agreement means giving greater national and international visibility to [our researchers], and responds to the expectations of intellectual development and the possibilities of growth of the researchers. BUAP maintains a [rising profile], therefore, by increasing the number of publications in internationally prestigious journals [which give] greater renown to the research work carried out at our institution.

Ing. Paola Adriana Rodriguez Leyva, Information Resources Administration Manager BUAP Central Library

More information about the BUAP agreement, including instructions for authors, can be found on the dedicated BUAP resource page. Authors at Universidad de Sonora can find more information about their agreement here.