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Open Access Pricing

Article Publishing Charges (APCs) for ACS AuthorChoice open access are highly competitive, with discounts and flexible options, such as 12-month embargoed open access for a reduced cost. ACS Read + Publish Agreements enable authors to publish open access without directly paying APCs, while retaining full access to subscribed content.
Fully Open Access JournalsStandard Rates ACS Member (Premium Package) Pricing
ACS Omega*$ 1,685No discount offered
Au Journals (CC BY-NC-ND)*$ 4,000 $ 3,500
Au Journals (CC BY)* $ 5,000$ 4,500
*Authors in select countries are eligible for special country pricing.

Please note: there is no special pricing available for researchers at subscribing institutions when publishing in ACS’ fully open access journals. Open access publication charges may be partially or completely waived for corresponding authors that are affiliated with an organization that holds an ACS Read + Publish Agreement – see here for more information.

Open Access for Hybrid Journals Standard Rates ACS Member (Premium Package) PricingSubscribing Institution PricingMember at Subscribing Institution Pricing
CC BY $5,000$4,500$4,750 $4,250
CC BY-NC-ND$4,000 $3,500$3,750$3,250
CC BY after 12 months$3,000 $2,500 $2,750 $2,250
CC BY-NC-ND after 12 months$2,000 $1,500 $1,750 $1,250
ACS Author Choice program options Description
Creative Commons CC BY public use license (Plan S compliant)Permits the broadest form of re-use including for commercial purposes, provided that author attribution and integrity are maintained (
Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND public use licensePermits non-commercial access & re-use, provided that author attribution and integrity are maintained; but does not permit creation of adaptations or other derivative works (