European Research Council

European Research Council

Grants resulting from ERC calls in their 2012-2013, 2014, and 2015 Work Programs (FP7) have a special clause on open access in the grant agreement. This special clause requires that any publication reporting on research funded by that grant must be deposited into an open access repository, such as Europe PMC, immediately upon publication, and that open access to such publications must be provided no later than 6 months after the date of publication. ERC grants funded under the Work Programs from 2014 onwards (Horizon 2020) are governed by a specific article on open access in the ERC model grant agreement which contains similar provisions. If you are uncertain about whether the ERC open access requirements apply to your manuscript, please contact the ERC Executive Agency.
At submission: Consideration of the following can help expedite your publishing process:

Sign the Journal Publishing Agreement.
Provide all requested information about your funding source(s):The ACS Paragon Plus environment now includes new options enabling authors to provide funding information.
Need guidance to help you with the publishing process?

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ACS Style Guide
Publishing Your Research 101 video series
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After acceptance: ACS authors of European Research Council-funded research falling under the open access clause may choose to purchase one of the following ACS AuthorChoice licenses: ACS AuthorChoice, ACS AuthorChoice via CC-BY, or ACS AuthorChoice via CC-BY-NC-ND in order to comply. (ACS handles deposit of final published article in PubMed Central, the contents of PMC are mirrored on Europe PMC—nothing more is required on your part).