Special Country Pricing

ACS country discount policy

ACS offers significantly discounted APC prices to papers in ACS Gold Open Access journals whose submitting corresponding authors are based in countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies as of July 2022.

Research articles whose submitting corresponding authors have a current primary affiliation based in a country classified by the World bank as lower-middle-income economies receive discounts depending on origin, venue and license chosen with pricing between $700-965, as detailed in the table below.

APC discounts apply to publications in ACS fully open access journals only.

Submitting corresponding authors who are eligible for a full or partial APC discount based on their primary affiliation, and who choose the zero-embargo green open access route when publishing with ACS will receive the same level of discount on their article development charge.

Discounted prices for open access publications are automatically applied to eligible articles, based on the submitting corresponding author’s affiliation.

Discounted Rate Group A Group B
ACS Central Science $0 $0
ACS Omega $0 $965
ACS Au Journals (CC BY) $0 $900
ACS Au Journals (CC BY-NC-ND) $0 $700
Open Access Partner Journals (CC BY) $0 $900
Open Access Partner Journals (CC BY-NC-ND) $0 $700
Group A Group B Group B continued
Afghanistan Angola Micronesia
Burkina Faso Algeria Mongolia
Burundi Bangladesh Morocco
Central African Republic Belize Myanmar
Chad Benin Nepal
Democratic Republic of the Congo Bhutan Nicaragua
Eritrea Bolivia Nigeria
Ethiopia Cabo Verde Pakistan
Gambia Cambodia Papua New Guinea
Guinea Cameroon Philippines
Guinea-Bissau Comoros Republic of the Congo
Liberia Côte d’Ivoire Samoa
Madagascar Djibouti São Tomé and Principe
Malawi Egypt Senegal
Mali El Salvador Solomon Islands
Mozambique Eswatini Sri Lanka
Niger Ghana Tajikistan
North Korea Haiti Tanzania
Rwanda Honduras Timor-Leste
Sierra Leone India Tunisia
Somalia Indonesia Ukraine
South Sudan Kenya Uzbekistan
Sudan Kiribati Vanuatu
Syria Kyrgyzstan Vietnam
Togo Lao PDR West Bank and Gaza
Uganda Lesotho Zambia
Yemen Mauritania Zimbabwe

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