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Information for authors funded by cOAlition S

From January 2021, there are some changes for ACS authors funded by certain members of cOAlition S. You may be required to make sure that you publish your work immediately open access under a CC-BY license. ACS offers a wide range of options enabling our authors to comply with these requirements through publication in a fully open access journal or a gold open access option in all our hybrid journals. In addition, your institution may have signed an ACS Read + Publish Agreement that provides funding for open access publishing. See below for more information regarding these changes.

How can I publish in an ACS journal and be Plan S compliant?

The most straightforward way to comply with the requirements of Plan S is through gold open access publication in fully open access journal under a CC BY license, which means that the published version of record will be immediately accessible and usable in a variety of ways. If you choose this option, cOAlition S members ensure that open access publication fees are covered by the funders or research institutions, not by individual researchers. Visit this link for more information: We also recommend you get in touch with your funder for further information.

A gold open access option exists in all our subscription journals, too, and we have several ACS Read + Publish Agreements in place to support authors. Those agreements are centrally administered by institutions to allow authors a seamless open access publication route in any ACS journal. Check out here if your institution is covered in an ACS Read + Publish agreement.

How do I fund the Article Publishing Charge (APC) for gold OA publication?

Via the gold open access publishing route, we require the payment of an APC. This charge covers the services provided by the journal and ensures embargo-free immediate accessibility for readers. One of the core Plan S principles is that APCs, where applicable, are paid by funders or research institutions, not individual authors.

Plan S compliant ACS offerings include:

Is Plan S Rights Retention Strategy applicable?

In all ACS journals, a gold open access option exists. On this basis, ACS authors can comply with cOAlition S requirements by publishing gold OA under a CC BY license. This ensures that the published version of record is immediately accessible, which is the preferred mechanism for cOAlition S members. For authors selecting the subscription publication route, our standard self-archiving policies apply, including embargo periods.

Will I retain copyright as requested by cOAlition S?

The Journal Publishing Agreement that you sign to publish your manuscript with us allows you to retain copyright when publishing under a CC BY or CC BY-NC-ND license.

Additional questions? Please contact ACS Publications Customer Services and Information.