Nara Institute of Science & Technology


Do I qualify?

If you are affiliated with Nara Institute of Science & Technology and are the submitting corresponding author, you have the opportunity to publish your research in any ACS journal under a CC BY open access license with your institution’s support.


あなたが奈良先端科学技術大学院大学に所属し、提出責任著者である場合は、所属機関のサポートを受けて、CC BY オープンアクセスライセンスに基づいて、ACS ジャーナルに研究を発表する機会があります。

How Do I Get Support?

  1. During submission via ACS Paragon Plus, as a corresponding author, select your institution from a drop-down list and use your affiliated university email address.
  2. Check that your institution affiliation is stated in the body of the manuscript as the corresponding author’s affiliation.
  3. Complete the Journal Publishing Agreement to publish open access and retain copyright. Click on the “Order Open Access” link in the JPA tool to submit the open access funding request.
  4. Alternatively, you can enter your manuscript DOI at under the ACS Open Access Licenses And Programs section to submit the open access funding request.
  5. Your institution will be alerted of your request. If the funding request is approved, your work will be published as ACS open access via a CC BY 4.0 license and made freely available on the ACS Publications website at no additional cost to you.

  6. Video demonstration

    This demo video shows you how to navigate the Journal Publishing Agreement assistant and CCC RightsLink® system, which enables you to publish your research open access under your institutional open access agreement:


Your final published article will automatically be deposited to PubMed Central. Please note all contents published on US PubMed Central are mirrored on Europe PMC — nothing more is required on your part.