Do I qualify?

If your institution has subscribed to ACS via ANKOS (Anatolian University Libraries Consortium) and you are the submitting corresponding author, you may have the opportunity to publish your research in any ACS journal under a CC BY open access license with your institution’s support.

Institution NameInstitution NameInstitution Name
Abdullah Gul UniversitesiErciyes UniversitesiMiddle East Technical University
Anadolu UniversitesiEskisehir Osmangazi UniversitesiMugla Sitki Kocman Universitesi
Ankara UniversitesiGazi UniversitesiNigde Omer Halisdemir Universitesi
Ataturk UniversitesiGebze Teknik UniversitesiOrdu Universitesi
Bahcesehir UniversitesiHacettepe UniversitesiOzyegin Universitesi
Bartin UniversitesiInonu UniversitesiSabanci Universitesi
Bezmialem Vakif UniversitesiIstanbul Teknik UniversitesiSivas Cumhuriyet Universitesi
Bilkent UniversitesiIstanbul Universitesi-CerrahpasaSuleyman Demirel Universitesi
Bingol UniversitesiIzmir Yuksek Teknoloji EnstitusuTOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Universitesi
Bogazici UniversitesiKadir Has UniversitesiTurkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Arastirma Kurumu
Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal UniversitesiKayseri UniversitesiTurkiye Enerji Nukleer ve Maden Arastirma Kurumu
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart UniversitesiKoc UniversitesiUsak Universitesi
Dokuz Eylul UniversitesiKocaeli UniversitesiVan Yuzuncu Yil Universitesi
Eastern Mediterranean UniversityKonya Teknik UniversitesiYeditepe Universitesi
Ege UniversitesiMersin UniversitesiYildiz Teknik Universitesi

How Do I Get Support?

  1. During Submission via ACS Paragon Plus, as a corresponding author, select your institution from a drop-down box and use your affiliated university email address.
  2. Check that your institution affiliation is stated in the body of the manuscript as the corresponding author’s affiliation.
  3. Complete the Journal Publishing Agreement to publish open access and retain copyright.
  4. Your institution will be alerted of your open access funding request and, if the request is approved, your work will be published at no additional cost to you as ACS open access via a CC BY 4.0 license and made freely available on the ACS Publications website.


Your final published article will automatically be deposited to PubMed Central. Please note all contents published on US PubMed Central are mirrored on Europe PMC — nothing more is required on your part.

What are the Benefits of Institutionally Sponsored Open Access?

ACS Transformative Agreements, set up between ACS and an institution (or consortium), provide authors — and administrators — with the easiest process to publish open access, while maintaining authors’ full access to the ACS publications portfolio of journals and Chemical & Engineering News.

Hundreds of academic institutions around the world have now signed agreements with ACS, with new agreements being reached regularly. ACS Transformative Agreements are a sustainable approach to helping institutions accelerate the pace of open access publishing by their researchers. Other benefits include:

  • Accelerating the rate of open access publishing and removing administrative and APC barriers so authors can experience a seamless publishing experience
  • A more efficient workflow with automation – powered by a workflow program (CCC’s RightsLink) used by STM publishers, saving authors and administrators time.