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ACS Publications is a long-time leader in open science and open access. We are a pioneer in both author-centered open access programs and ACS Read + Publish Agreements. Find out more about our commitment to open science and how we're supporting authors and administrators in an ever-changing and constantly evolving open access landscape.
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Open Access Publishing with ACS

With the addition of JACS Au and the journal family to our journal portfolio, ACS now publishes twelve fully-open access journals. In addition, authors can publish open access in all other 70+ ACS journals, with a range of license options and discounts.
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ACS Read + Publish Agreements

ACS Read + Publish Agreements are sustainable agreements with institutions that help accelerate the pace of open access publishing. Authors at a participating institution receive full article publishing charge (APC) support to publish articles under an open access license while having full access to subscription content.
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Open Access Journals

100% of ACS Journals publish open access articles. Of the 70+ journals published by the American Chemical Society, we are proud to publish twelve fully open access journals, ACS Central Science, ACS Omega, JACS Au and the ACS Au journal family.

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Latest Open Access News

Read the latest news related to open science. See how ACS is responding to assist authors in complying with evolving open access requirements from institutions and funders.
Webinar: How to Publish Open Access with Support from Your Institution 03.17.2021
Dr. Lynn Kamerlin of Uppsala University and Sybille Geisenheyner of ACS Publications guide you through the basics of publishing open…
American Chemical Society and Khalifa University partner to advance open access publishing in United Arab Emirates 10.29.2020
WASHINGTON, Oct. 29, 2020 — In its first such partnership with a university in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the…
ACS supports HHMI researchers in transition to open access publishing 10.19.2020
All ACS journals continue to meet funder requirements, as HHMI announces new open access policy The Howard Hughes Medical Institute…
Why ACS Publishes Fully Open Access Journals 09.28.2020
The publishing industry is adapting its open access options to support the research community’s needs in the face of shifting…

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