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Launched in 2020, this complementary journal of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) matches the exceptional editorial and publishing standards of the world’s most cited chemistry publication. For authors who require or desire to publish in a fully open access journal, JACS Au allows for the rapid dissemination of cutting edge, high impact research across the breadth of chemistry and all related areas intersecting with chemistry.
*Primary corresponding authors in more than 75 countries are eligible for country discounts.

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New Journal Announcements

ACS announced today that Christopher W. Jones, Ph.D., of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) will be the inaugural editor-in-chief for JACS Au.

Jones has served as editor-in-chief of ACS Catalysis since its founding in 2010, a journal that attracted 70,712 citations and received a Journal Impact Factor™ of 12.350 in 2019. As ACS Catalysis’ first editor-in-chief, Jones has experience leading a new journal to the top of its field. Jones received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in 1999 and joined the Georgia Tech faculty in 2003. There, his research group focuses on catalysis and capture of carbon dioxide from the air.

ACS will launch nine new ACS Au journals in 2021. Each new journal will publish research in specific areas of chemistry and will be fully open access. The suite of titles will be led by a new editor-in-chief and will collaborate closely with the established hybrid and open access publications across the ACS portfolio to maintain the high standards for which ACS journals are renowned. The titles will meet the publishing needs of researchers who choose to publish in fully open access journals or are required by their funders to publish in completely open access journals.

All articles published in JACS Au and the suite of nine ACS Au journals will be made open access via a CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND license.

JACS Au/ACS Au Collection FAQs

  • A: The ACS Au Collection of journals will accept research from top scientists from around the world, the launch of this new portfolio of publications will support the scientists and researchers who are required by their funders to publish in open access journal, including those funders following the guidelines set out by Plan S. These authors are required by their funders to publish in completely open access journals. More on Plan S can be found here.

    Like all ACS traditional subscription journals, the ACS Au Collection will focus on a high standard of editorial rigour, peer review, and compelling and innovative research. Editors will be drawn globally from the top ranks of today’s practicing researchers.

    Additionally, ACS Publications understands that scientific content continues to outpace library budgets. ACS Read + Publish Agreements will therefore support publication in the new suite of ACS Au journals. ACS is actively collaborating with institutions interested in these agreements.
  • A: The ACS Au Collection is a family of subject-specific journals, covering a broad range of the most published topics within chemistry.

    JACS Au will publish multidisciplinary work, highlighting research from across a range of chemistry fields, with a focus on immediate impact. JACS Au will also follow in the JACS tradition of emphasizing work with a broad impact and relevance to the global chemistry community.

    ACS Central Science focuses on exceptional, interdisciplinary work, highlighting the role of chemistry in a wide range of other scientific disciplines.

    ACS Omega appeals to a broad audience but does not evaluate immediate impact. Its readership extends beyond the traditional academic sector, including industry, policy institutions, and the general public.
  • A: Like ACS Central Science and ACS Omega, JACS Au and the full ACS Au Collection are open access-native journals, with 100% of published content freely accessible. The default license for authors will be CC-BY-NC-ND, with the option to upgrade to CC-BY.

    The high standard of editorial rigour, peer review, and compelling and innovative research found in ACS journals remains the same.
  • A: Authors of accepted manuscripts will need to pay an Article Publishing Charge (APC) to publish their research in these new journals. Standard ACS APC rates will apply. More details can be found here.
  • A: No, these are separate journals that are editorially independent of other ACS Publications journals. JACS Au is a separate journal that is editorially independent of JACS.
  • A: Yes. These new journals will employ the highest standards of peer review, rapid times to decision and publication, and rigorous editorial processes as exemplified by the Society’s publishing program.
  • A: Each journal will maintain editorial independence from other ACS Publications journals, with an ACS Au Collection Editor-in-Chief and individual Deputy Editors for each subject-specific journal.

  • A: Authors publishing in these journals will retain copyright of their published research. The default license for authors will be CC-BY-NC-ND, with the option to upgrade to CC-BY, in compliance with Plan S requirements.
  • A: These are fully open access journals. There is therefore no charge to access, read, and download articles published in the journals.
  • A: ACS Publications has signed--and continues to build--a significant number of transformative Read + Publish Agreements with institutions and academic consortia worldwide. Researchers at those institutions will be able to use APC credits allocated by these agreements to publish in these journals. More information can be found here.

    Contact your librarian or purchasing manager for details regarding these agreements and to check eligibility.

    Contact to request a call-back from your ACS representative.
  • A: Author guidelines are available here.