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ACS Au family

The ACS Au family

The ACS Au family comprises nine open access journals that publish significant new research across their specific subject communities. Each journal is compliant with the open access requirements of funding agencies, including those listed under ‘Plan S’ and those of funders requiring publication in a fully open access journal.

ACS Bio & Med Chem Au, publishing fundamental and applied research in all aspects of biological and medicinal chemistry.
ACS Engineering Au, reporting on the broad fields of applied chemistry, chemical engineering, and fuels, from industry and academia.
ACS Environmental Au, publishing experimental research and theoretical results in all aspects of environmental science and technology, both pure and applied.
ACS Materials Au, publishing fundamental and applied research at the interface between materials and other disciplines, such as chemistry, engineering, and biology.
ACS Measurement Science Au, publishing experimental, computational, or theoretical research in all chemical measurement science areas.
ACS Nanoscience Au, publishing fundamental and applied research on nanoscience and nanotechnology research at the interfaces of chemistry, biology, medicine, materials science, physics, and engineering.
ACS Organic & Inorganic Au, publishing experimental and theoretical/computational studies on organic, organometallic, inorganic, crystal growth and engineering, and organic process chemistry.
ACS Physical Chemistry Au, publishing fundamental and applied research on all aspects of physical chemistry.
ACS Polymers Au, publishing fundamental and applied research on all aspects of polymer and biopolymer science and related cross-disciplinary areas.

University of Utah Professor Shelley D. Minteer serves as the ACS Au journals’ editor-in-chief. Each journal in the portfolio has a deputy editor to oversee the day-to-day handling of manuscripts.

Articles in ACS Au journals are available completely open access, without an embargo period, under the author’s choice of either a CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND license. ACS will sponsor or substantially discount article publishing charges for authors based in numerous countries classified by the World Bank as low-income and lower-middle-income economies.