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How to Publish Open Access

For authors NOT covered under an ACS Read + Publish Agreement

For authors NOT covered under an ACS Read + Publish Agreement or not funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or by the Austrian Science Foundation:


Once your article is accepted for publication in an ACS journal, you will receive an email from ACS requesting whether you prefer or require an open access option. To publish open access, select the “click here” link in the email. The link will then take you to a “Pay Author Charges” screen.


Once you arrive at the “Pay Author Charges” screen, use the pull-down menu to select options for ACS AuthorChoice open access. Select whether you would like the article to be published immediately or in 12 months. Select whether you would like to add a Creative Commons License. Choose either “Decline Option”, “CC-BY” (offered by ACS for free), or “CC-BY-NC-ND” (available at no extra cost upon request).

Finally, select “Apply Discounts”


If you are an ACS member, this is the step at which you can add your member discount. You may also add your institution here to see if you qualify for an affiliation discount based on your institution’s subscription to ACS Publications. Ask your institution’s administrator or librarian about your subscription type. Select “Apply Discounts” when finished.


Once you verify that payment is due, select “Payment Options” to log in to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). Note: You will need to log in to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to complete the process. If you are not registered with CCC, you will need to create a new account and sign in again. Your registration form will then be pre-filled with metadata provided by ACS.


If you have a RightsLink account, log in with your RighstLink username and password. Note: The RightsLink login is different from your ACS member ID/account. If you do not have a RightsLink account, please click “Need to register?” in the upper right to create an account.


Verify the customer location and, if applicable, enter a VAT ID number. Select a payment method (credit card or invoice). Select “Next” to verify that the information contained in the order is correct. Click the “Place Order” button. You are done! You will receive an email confirmation once your order is placed. Once payment is received, your published article will automatically display the “ACS AuthorChoice” label so that readers know it is open access and free to read.