Automatic deposition for UK authors with Jisc Publications Router

Published September 8, 2022

ACS Publications is pleased to announce that all UK authors affiliated with participating institution can now have their open access articles deposited in their institutional repository with Jisc Publications Router.

As part of our transformative read and publish agreement with Jisc, covering more than 80 institutions across the United Kingdom, authors who choose to publish in an ACS journal will have the final full text of their article deposited automatically upon publication. This us a fully automated process, and takes place as soon as the journal publishes its next full issue – eight weeks or less after acceptance.

The Router automatically matches each paper to participating UK institution(s), and deposits a copy of the final full text article in the relevant institutional repository or research information management system. This is accompanied by an array of metadata, which means authors or research officers at their institution do not need to enter this information manually, representing a significant time saving.

You can find out more information on the Publications Router service from Jisc, or check to see if your institution is included in our read and publish agreement on the ACS Open Science website.