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With our Auto-deposit system, ACS helps authors deposit their articles into repositories.

Authors who are funded by NIH, Wellcome Trust, European Research Councils, or Austrian Science Fund and who select any ACS AuthorChoice license will have their articles deposited to PMC PubMedCentral with no further actions required on the authors’ part. Deposits are subject to PMC’s deposit criteria–i.e. PMC does not accept deposits in subject areas that it does not cover. Authors who do not wish to participate in ACS AuthorChoice may self-archive the accepted manuscript version of their article for access 12 months after first publication.

Self-archiving is the process by which an author, publisher, or institution ‘deposits’ an article online to a repository or website after publication in a subscription-based journal. The article is freely available. Known also as ‘green open access,’ self-archiving increases access, usage, and citation impact. ACS endorses self-archiving the final published version of the article.  With ACS, authors publishing under AuthorChoice can self-archive the version of record/final published article in a repository of the author’s choosing 12 months after publication. ACS offers Certified Deposit of the version of record in repositories upon request.