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ACS Open Access Licensing Options

ACS Open Access Licensing Options

Authors can choose from different open access options for their article, as described in the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication. The Creative Commons (CC) public use licenses, CC-BY and  CC-BY-NC-ND, are commonly used today for open access. Public use licenses are used in open access publishing to indicate what usage rights apply to the online document.

ACS Authors who wish to publish open access can choose from two Creative Commons licenses, CC-BY and CC-BY-NC-ND. Through these licenses you are able to make your article immediately accessible or can choose a 12-month embargoed open access option, for a reduced price.

Take advantage of discounts for authors at subscribing institutions, ACS members, and for residents in certain countries.

You can request for ACS to submit the final published article for deposit to funder repositories.

ACS has a constantly growing portfolio of fully open access journals. The group now includes ACS Central Science ACS Omega, JACS Au, and our nine new Au journals, launched in early 2021. Each new Au journal publishes research articles in specific areas of chemistry and will be fully open access. The suite of titles is led by a new editor-in-chief and will collaborate closely with the established hybrid and open access publications across the ACS portfolio to maintain the high standards for which ACS journals are renowned. The titles meet the publishing needs of researchers who choose to publish in fully open access journals or are required by their funders to publish in completely open access journals.

For all ACS journals, ACS Read + Publish Agreements may apply, where ACS and an institution or country have reached an arrangement to make certain articles open access. Additionally, ACS has a similar program for funders, with direct pay arrangements with the Austrian Science Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Where authors are not part of an ACS Read + Publish Agreement or part of a Funder program, ACS provides an option for the author to pay using their funds, their institutional funds, or funds provided from a funder directly to the author for this purpose.