Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

As of Agreements on or after January 1, 2015, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Open Access Policy requires authors acknowledging funding to make their published article available as open access immediately upon publication under a CC-BY 4.0 license. The ACS has made arrangements with the Foundation to ensure this requirement can be met for all ACS journals with no charge to authors. From January 1, 2021, their new policy is to just support APC funding in pure open access Gold journals. You can view a list of our fully open access Gold journals here. If your institution has an ACS Read + Publish agreement in place your APC’s may be covered, please visit our dedicated page here.

Consideration of the following can help authors funded by the Foundation:

During submission:

  1. Provide all requested information about your funding source(s). The ACS Publications submission system enables authors to enter funding information in a funding widget. Authors must enter the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, select the correct match, and save the funder. Authors must also include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant Number (OPP ID) in their acknowledgement or funding section.

After acceptance:

  1. Sign the Journal Publishing Agreement. Upon acceptance, Authors will receive an email with a customized link to complete and sign a Journal Publishing Agreement. The Journal Publishing Agreement assistant will identify you as an author that is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, allowing you to retain copyright and publish your research under a CC-BY Creative Commons license. Find out more information about the forms and instructions for the Journal Publishing Agreements.

How the ACS works with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to ensure open access for your article:

The Foundation has an agreement with the ACS, and will cover costs associated with the open access ACS AuthorChoice via CC-BY 4.0 license available in all ACS fully open access journals by a direct payment from the Foundation to the ACS, no charge to authors. By signing the publishing agreement that allows you to retain copyright, your article will automatically flow to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for approval. ACS also handles at the time of issue publication the deposit of the final published article in PubMed Central(PMC), the contents of PMC are mirrored on Europe PMC—nothing more is required on your part.

Need guidance to help you with the publishing process? We have a number of resources to assist you: