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Funder Information

ACS is committed to helping authors meet the evolving requirements of funders and institutions to publish open access, simplifying compliance through ACS Read + Publish Agreements and by offering flexible ACS AuthorChoice options. Requirements of funders vary. See below to determine your requirements as an author.

Funder Requirements

  • Many funders require that their authors comply with particular open access policies. Funder policies vary and may require green or gold open access publication, a particular open access license, and/or deposit in a repository immediately or after a 12 month embargo. European authors should be especially aware of the specific requirements imposed on them by funders that are part of Coalition S. ACS recommends that authors first check for their funders’ open access requirements at sources such as the Sherpa Juliet database.
  • ACS will deposit the final published article into a designated repository for authors who publish under an open access license. If authors identify a funder preference, ACS will deposit into that repository on their behalf. For example, authors who are funded by NIH, Wellcome Trust, European Research Councils, or Austrian Science Fund and who publish open access with ACS will have their articles deposited to PubMedCentral (PMC), a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the NIH/NLM), with no further actions required on the authors’ part. PMC accepts most deposits, however, deposits are subject to PMC’s deposit criteria–i.e. PMC does not accept deposits in subject areas that it does not cover and the decision to accept a deposit is ultimately PMC’s. Authors who publish open access and are funded by the US Department of Energy will have their articles deposited to PAGES with no further actions required on the authors’ part (where that option is allowed by the agency).

    Note that authors who choose to publish in hybrid ACS journals (i.e. not Gold OA) will nonetheless have posting rights aligned with green OA.