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ACS Read + Publishing Agreements help reduce burdens for administrators, while giving authors a seamless, timesaving publishing experience.

To date, ACS has partnered with hundreds of institutions around the world on Read + Publish Agreements. These author-centered programs help speed the transition to open access publishing among the global research community.

ACS recognizes the important role that librarians and other administrative staff play in the open science movement.
As funders have pushed for the acceleration of open science and open access publishing, librarians, OA managers and administrative staff are charged with playing a more active role in educating the organization on open access requirements, tracking publishing activities and in some cases participating in the implementation of open access agreements at their institutions. The increase in responsibilities is occurring against the backdrop of budgetary and staffing considerations.

ACS understands these challenges and has worked to create solutions to help administrators accelerate the pace of open access publishing, save time by removing administrative barriers, and to increase efficiency and improve transparency through robust reporting.

ACS supports administrators in the following ways:

Read + Publish programs help administrative staff with:

  • Time Savings – Creates a streamlined workflow where requests, OA APC (author publishing charge) approval, tracking and documentation are centralized and automated. The Read + Publish workflow allows librarians to be involved while organizing communications and decreasing administrative time.
  • Increasing Flexibility and Scalability – The Read + Publish workflow solution CCC’s RightsLink was built for the changing needs of an institution.  Over time, an institution can increase the number of APC (author publishing charge) tokens/credits made available to its authors. The program can be expanded without IT or operational downtime and can be customized to accommodate different time frames, number of open access articles supported and license type.
  • Enabling Open – Helps librarians meet their institution’s open access goals or mandates by removing traditional barriers, expediting the process of approvals and tracking.
  • Transparency/Visibility – An open access manager can see author requests, approvals, denials, and the remaining balance of credits/tokens. Reports can be filtered by article DOI, date, author and can be downloaded and shared.
  • Embracing Innovation – In 2020, over 10 other publishers will be using the workflow platform. Librarians can be confident that the underlying workflow platform technology is validated by a large user base and feedback from the librarian community will be incorporated.

To learn more about how your institution can get involved in a Read + Publish Agreement, contact us and a member from our team will get back to you.